Yes, the term ‘family’ has taken on a profound meaning during the current unprecedented lockdown measures while we face an unseen COVID 19 virus and the devastating fatalities across the globe.

As a nation, we have been taught that our safety lies in our adherence to ‘regulations, stay at home, sanitise, wear masks and when out, practise social distancing of at least 1m. These measures are intended to keep us safe.

But it is indeed these measures that pose a conundrum. As a principal of a school with Special Needs learners, Deaf learners, the youngest Deaf learner being 3 years old, who needs physical contact to guide him/ her through the day. How do you explain to a young learner, “I cannot hold your hand”. As a school, we will need a special facial mask that allows communication with Deaf learners who follow lip-reading’.

With a school learner population of 423 learners and 74 staff members, commuting daily from all parts of the South of Johannesburg to Lenasia, our school location, using several forms of public and scholar transport, poses a risk, a similar risk that each and every other learner in this country faces.

Taking into account all the above-mentioned risks, it is evident that our school communities and yes, our MCK School “family’s” physical and social interaction will certainly change in future interactions. For our staff, our children’s safety will always be our priority and we will abide by all regulations set out by the Departments of Health and Education once schooling resumes.

I am aware that as many as 65% of our parents, grandparents and child headed households do not have online access. Many of our dedicated educators are posting weekly lessons and practise exercises for you as parents and care-givers to do with our learners. This is done through class WhatsApp groups. However, even though many of our learners do not have access to these lessons, parents and caregivers, please do not worry. When we are given permission to re-open our school, we will ensure that all our learners receive the lessons that was distributed.

To the MCK staff, as we enter a changed school community upon our return, I am fully confident that together we will be stronger as we face a changed future.

My final message is that our MCK children and all MCK staff and their extended families stay safe, stay healthy and most importantly, spend quality time together making good memories for all our children.

Principal : Michelle Batchelor

The School’s Theme for 2020:


This marks a year where our theme, “ Still, we rise#40andbeyond will force us, the school community, to self-reflect on our humanity and achievements for 40 years. Standing on the shoulders of giants who have gone before, we endevour to do our best for the next 40 years.

A person is a person, through other persons. Let us all make this 40th MCK year, being accountable and showing, morality and courage using all our combined knowledge as we work on improving our learners.

The MCK family takes this opportunity to welcome all our NEW staff, parents and especially our NEW learners to our school, hoping their stay will be a rewarding one.

2020 will undoubtedly be another year of hard work, dedication and commitment. We urge all our parents and learners to commit to making 2020 their best year ever.

We expect change in the classroom hoping for a more vibrant and enthusiastic environment. We expect change in attitude, thinking and behavior so make a positive difference.



MON – THUR: 7:45 to 1:30 & Friday 7:45 to 12:00.

GRADE 1, 2, 3 
MON – THUR: 7:45 to 2:15 & Friday 7:45 to 12:00.

GRADE 4 – 9 including skills classes
MON – THUR: 7:45 to 2:15 & Friday 7:45 to 12:00.


SCHOOL FEES for 2020:




Grade 0, R

R2200. 00

R200.00 a month X 11 months.

Grades 1 to grade 9

Deaf Learners – GET


R250 per term (x 4 terms.)

Skills Vocational Classes

Orientation 1 – Year 4


R300 per term(x 4 terms.)



R625 per term (x 4 terms.)

R250 per month (x10 months)


Those parents / guardians who cannot afford the school fees will be exempted or partially exempted according to the SASA Act and requirements in accordance with the financial policy of the school. Parents will have to provide proof of their current situation and also complete an affidavit at the police station, including supporting documentation required by the SGB:

Affidavit (indicate whereabouts of partner), Statement from SASA,

Parent ID Copy, Learner’s birth certificate or ID.



BRANCH CODE: 630 -143 
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 4043675953
Account Name: M.C.Kharbai School 



  • School diaries with all the rules will be provided to all learners at no cost to parents.


The school has a strict policy regarding school uniform. No other clothes besides the M.C.K Special School uniform will be permitted on the school’s premises. Uniforms can be purchased from City Fashions situated at 5 Albert Street Extension 6 Lenasia.

(Contact number 011 852 2508/5672.)



Learners must be at school on time. Learners must also report to their class in an orderly manner after assembly, change of periods and intervals timeously.


Please adhere to school times and duly inform service providers accordingly.


All learners are expected to adhere to the school rules whilst they are in their school uniform, both on the school premises and outside of the premises. Any transgression will be dealt with accordingly.

Learners must ensure that they are always neatly attired. Their uniform, hair, shoes etc. must comply with the dress code of the school as stipulated below:


  • MCK School tunic *Length must be exactly on the learners knee and should be worn with knee length black school socks.
  • Grey pants / skirts (long) *No flared or narrowed bottoms *Pants should not be tightly fitted at the waist.
  • School Tie (Black and Gold) – compulsor
  • Black MCK school jersey
  • Blazer – Black, Socks – Black, Black school shoes


  • Long hair must be plaited neatly.
  • Black scrunchie i.e. Elastic, black Alice bands
  • Short hair neatly combed.

The following will not be allowed:

  • Weaves
  • Uneven braiding
  • Braided fringes
  • Tinted hair
  • Mohawks
  • Dreadlocks
  • Lines razored into the hair


  • No make-up will be allowed
  • No nail polish, nails must be clean and short
  • No mehndi allowed


  • Grey school pants (Long) *No narrow bottoms
  • White shirt
  • School Tie (Black and Gold) – Compulsory
  • Black MCK school jersey
  • Blazer – Black, Socks – Black / Grey, Black school shoes


  • Watch only
  • No other jewellery will be allowed.
  • No earing’s at any time


  • Hair must be short.
  • No 1 back and sides, and no. 2 top.

The following will not be allowed:

  • Lines razored into the hair
  • Mohawks
  • Braiding
  • Dreadlocks
  • Tinted hair


Fancy clothing must be respectful and not cause any offence to the school community e.g. Girls are not allowed to wear revealing clothing.


  • Takkies during P.E. and sports events
  • Black shorts and White shirts for P.E.
  • During winter, the school tracksuits will be allowed for P.E. and sports.

If learners are unable to do P.E., they must provide a medical certificate. Learners who fail to bring their P.E. clothes will be given a verbal warning and thereafter, perform additional tasks at school.

                      Michelle Batchelor (Principal)